Inanda Bass Classic Entry Procedures And Facts


Bookings are open for the following year after each tournament.
Booking to enter the tournament is done by obtaining an entry form either on line on our web site or by obtaining an entry form at most leading fishing stores. Download a form, fill it in and fax it to our fax number on the form accompanied by your deposit slip.
Please note forms not accompanied by a deposit slip will not be processed. 
Entries can be verified by checking on our web site a few days later.
Please only phone if really necessary to verify if your fax has been received. 031-3010404


Booking of camp sites is done through Msinsi the managers of the tournament site,
The front water edge sites are booked up quite quickly and early in the year, the same
goes for the tented accommodations.  Fortunately there are many other sites available and we have never had a camping area shortage, booking for these sites has never been necessary. It works on a first come first get system.


These are on site and under normal circumstances are sufficient, but during this event they are under pressure,  we organise extra portable toilets for this event and these have usually been sufficient.


The roads to the dam are full tarmac and in pretty fair condition. Caution is advised on the decent down the hill from hillcrest as it is pretty steep.  Keep an eye open for goats and cattle on the road especially on corners and blind rises.


The water at the camp site is municipal water and is fully treated and fit for consumption.


Battery charging is a problem as most boats would like to charge batteries and that would be a lot of batteries.  The voltage in the camp site is poor approx 180 volts this is due to poor cabling to the park (voltage drop) Msinsi would have to pay a fortune to upgrade this so we make do with what we have. Any electrical item used at the park is doing so under duress and overheats; this could burn out your charger or appliance.


There is no fuel available at the camp site, but is available just a few km back up the road on the right hand side  (difficult to see)  fuel is also available at the top at hillcrest garage 30 minutes away.


There is normally ice for sale at the bar for those that need it.


Excellent secure boat storage is available at Stor Town at the top of the hill phone
031 - 7661139       0829281723.   Also at the dam with Msinsi.


There are a few hotels in hillcrest and surrounding areas and many bed and breakfast options.  Crinkley Bottom Park.


There are 3 concrete launch sites which handle all launching and trailering quite adequately during the tournament, please park your trailer well clear of the launch area once you have launched.


The resort gate opens especially early and closes later for the classic event and no
problems are had getting in or out of the resort.


There are security guards on duty during the event and the local taxi violence unit
also carry out patrols. As a precaution everyone is advised to lock up any valuables
in their vehicles and not to leave any valuable items lying around. Especially during registration and prize giving.


Both of the above are available at the Msinsi site office at the entrance gate.  A week end licence is available for those out of towner entrants. Office opens at 8am each day.


Registration day starts on Friday the day before the tournament at approx 12 midday.
All competitors must register and sign the weigh sheet and indemnity.
Goody packs are given to each boat entered, containing free give a way's.
Tournament badges and "T" shirt are given to each competitor.
Friday is the show day with the marquee full of exhibitors demonstrating showing and selling their wares.  Caterers and bar facilities are open and available, ice is also on sale.


The Captains meeting is scheduled for 7PM in the main marquee.  A welcoming address and more detailed competition details will be disclosed. It is of utmost importance that ALL competitors and not just captains attend the captains meeting.
Spot prizes could be won by those that attend.
(If you wish to sit please bring chairs to this meeting)
We look forward to seeing you all at the captains meeting.


Is held soon after weigh in on the second day. With all anglers assembling in the marquee for the presenting of the prizes, winners must be present to receive their prizes.  The organisers and sponsors view in very poor taste any competitor leaving before the prizegiving without permission from the chairman. This shows a lack of sportsmanship and respect for their fellow competitors, any competitors not present at prizegiving will not receive any prizes due to them.